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There is something rather devilish about watching a couple of headless, featherless chicken engulfed in flames and having one’s mouth water. At times, as my blog constantly insists, people need simple, hearty food to fill their bellies with. Agonizing over where to go, I was interested in trying this rotisserie and see what’s up with it.

Even though there wasn’t a huge crowd at the time, the place was quite lively and rowdy – not necessarily conducive to dialogue. Yet, if I wanted to chat I’d go to a park, no? Less moaning about non-food stuff, my readers probably suggest.

Together with the English Summer – which has been unexpectedly summery and sunny since I came back – comes two things: people spilling out from pubs to every inch of the sidewalk and Pimms. I would consider Pimms quite a British staple – please correct me if not so. Seeing as the table was shamelessly tempting us for some, we went for it. I’m not entirely sure I like Pimms, despite always buying it. Maybe it’s just the bars fault.

Being in a rather spending mood – I really do not want to look at my bank statement – I went wild and ordered, besides the 10 piece chicken, also some fries and herb bites.

The herb bites, made from sage and onion, weren’t particularly good. They didn’t taste like anything, really, so they were a bit of a disappointment. What I did like otherwise what that you could opt to get several types of sauces with your chicken; we went for the gravy (which I am not a fan of either), the Raunch sauce (creamy and with herbs) and the Chilli sauce (which for some reason I thought would be sweet chilli but it was actually chilli and hot).

A bit more disappointment came from the fact that having ordered the biggest chicken set out there I had been hoping to get an actual full chicken instead of chopped up pieces. I’m not sure whether you can order an entire chicken or not – but you should be able to. I fondly remember when I went to a random rotisserie in Mexico with Annu and I got a half chicken and IT WAS a freaking half chicken. That place was so amazing.

However, the food is hearty. In truth, I’m not sure how much you would have to fuck up not to make rotisserie chicken edible, so I am having trouble grading this restaurant. Would I come back? Definitely. You get a very good source of protein and frankly I do not know all tat many paces that give you chicken meat by the bucket (and no, KFC does not count). Was it the most amazing chicken I had? Hardly.

Grade: Trapped between Purgatory and Sainthood

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