On being gay and loving someone

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Who is this child talking about love and relationships as if he knows anything? I would start with a disclaimer – I, indeed, have very little experience in relationships or love. Does this stop me from making observations? I dont thinks so. You dont need to be an amazing cook to be able to be a food critic. So this post might be more from what I see than what I do. And I would like a slightly different approach to it, so here it goes:


My dear future husband,

I can see how your eyes sometimes drift towards that cute guy in the gym, and it’s perfectly fine. I think that lust and fantasies are part of what we are. I understand that after 10+ years (I think I’m being rather generous with this number) of sleeping with me, things might get a little bit boring. While I cannot get enough of knowing every nook and cranny on your body and redescovering them each day, I understand that sometimes you might yearn for something new – someone new. I’ve now gotten old – and as graciously as I will probably age – there’s a whole selection of guys out there that would jump at you in the blink of a second.


But I don’t want us to be one of those couples that lets the other be shared by other men. I understand everyone has their own arrangements, I understand things change with the years, but I want us to resist that change. I want to never share my bed with anyone else, and I would hope you don’t want that either. I will, off course, forgive you if you slip. Gods know I might slip sometime, and would hope that you forgive me too. I would forgive because I know that my life without you would be unthinkable, and I know that a good relationship isn’t measured by how few problems you have, but how you deal with them. And if you really love each other, you deal with them.


I want you to know that just because we cannot be tied by having each others child, it doesn’t mean that our bond is any less strong. Even if all those hateful christians (as opposite to the lovely ones, which do exist), and I end up going to hell because I love you, at least I had a darn good time on this earth – because of you. Sincerely, if all gays go to hell I don’t even want to know what kind of horrible interior design heaven has.


Now if it wouldn’t be so god damn difficult to find you.


“Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back.”

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