St John Bread & Wine

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Following the deceptions of Duck & Waffle, the Nascu brothers were wandering, aimlessly, hungry, through the streets of London. I had forgotten how difficult it is to find a decent place to eat on the spot in a neighbourhood you don’t really know. That and every restaurant seemed full. DARN YOU world of apps, why don’t you have something more reliable than 4square?

The sister immediately expressed her dislike for the inner design of our chosen restaurant. To her, it looked too much like a canteen. Yet, if you ask me, it looked more appropriate for an abbey like place – hence the St John. The aspect was clean and simple. Most importantly, though, they had pork belly on the menu! PORK BELLY!

Will try to be slightly less excited. Time to take out the bitch attitude: it was very nice that we received bread, yet the bread was cold. It’s not very tasty to eat hard, cold bread with butter. Sure, it keeps reminding me of eating at an abbey, but not in a very pleasant way.

I might also have been prematurely excited about the pork belly. The dish was clean and the skin was crispy and reminded me of how my grandpa cooks pork fat; the beans were also tasty. Yet the meat was dry in many places, and soon my taste buds were rejecting the taste. It happens to me a lot, to think at first I like a certain food but after a few bites to reassess the situation.

It was also a bit pricy – 16pounds for the entire meal. It’s alright, but if I had a choice I doubt I would return here.

Short but to the point, this review, eh?

Grade: Purgatory

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