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Rarely does it happen that I would be forced to write a food review that had nothing in relation to food. It sounds strange, it sounds surreal, it probably feels like when you sit and look at a Picasso painting for more than 10 seconds, but that’s just how life is sometimes. Expect the unexpected. And all that crap.

We arrived at the Heron Tower with great hopes to have some brunch. Little did we know that this would not happen. It became soon apparent that having made a reservation would have been a very good idea. Still, full of hope, like a lost Hansel & Gretel, we rock up to the reception and tell them of our intentions of eating there.

We are told that we could get a table in about 40 minutes. I tell the maitre d’ that we are very hungry so that we would only be staying if we would get food, at which she assures me that we can wait and have a drink at the bar and have some nibbles. Which we do. Ioana orders a coffee and I order an elderflower cordial.

Luckily my sister decides to venture out to have a smoke, and ask the maitre d’ whether if we leave to the terace on the lower level we would lose our place in the waiting list. After insisting to make sure she’s understood, the maitre d’ ends up realising that actually it’s not certain we would get a table, because, it would seem, the entire place is booked. I’m sorry, but maybe you should mention that earlier and before you invite me to have drinks at your bar.

I think there is a clear difference between “a table will be free in about 40 min” and “our entire restaurant is booked, and if someone cancels, we will give you the table”. Sure, the views are nice. But I really don’t appreciate being coaxed into drinking at their bar when I’m explicit that the only reason I would be there would be because I want to eat. Hence, the grade.


Grade: Inferno

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