Fait Maison

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There a new foodie (back) in town, and he is not taking prisoners! Unless by prisoners we understand some sort of uncooked, unsalted morsels taken from the bottom of the sea and then left on a plate to be swarmed by flies and maggots. Because then I’m not putting that in my mouth.

LocationFait Maison, South Kensington, London

Cuisine: Breakfast/Brunch

Camera: Nikon D40 – 50mm lens


Alas, I digress, as usual. Yet being torpedoed through Romania and the tasteless hell that it is (and I don’t think many can disagree that the culture of “eating out” is not very developed) – except for all the amazing desserts my mother baked off course – would entitle me to be somewhat ADD in my posts.

I had planned another brunch place, but upon ambush by Alexandra, I had gladly changed my plans to something more local. In her own words, the place is designed nicely, with countless sweets to entice you at the counters and most of the food seemingly displayed to be taken like a buffet. Off course, you eventually just order the food and the waiters take it from the plates, which makes little to no sense to me.

I will try to be particularly abrupt about it: the food was, overall, pleasant. And by pleasant I do mean that nothing got stuck in my throat and that the food was eatable. However some transgression I need to pick up on: on the one hand, any place that offer me hot water and a bag of tea cannot call itself a breakfast place. I think too often is tea overlooked: if when you order coffee they would bring you a bag of instant coffee and hot water, most people would have a hissy-fit. Yet it’s fine with tea? NO MORE I SAY!

Much of the food that was displayed would also be, supposedly, “reheated”. I think I would need an entire post about “reheatable” food but I think people can see how unpleased I am by the very concept. The salad was good (which means average towards good), as was the scrambled eggs. The bill came up to about 24£ for three persons, which was quite well. If you are looking for a relatively cheap place to brunch, then I would give Fait Maison a go.

Grade: Purgatory

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  1. It has been great seeing you eat your way through Melbourne. It’s valuable to see your own city through the eyes of an ‘outsider’… not that we care where you’re from.

    Now I’m keen to see what you think of food at home now that you’ve been here. Chuck

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