Hungry in Hungary

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Putting aside the cheap, lazy jokes my tired mind cooks up for titles of my blog posts, this is where I have disappeared for the past week after my departure from the southern hemisphere. As the song goes, “a little party never killed nobody”!

Certainly enough, this will not be a travel post – one barely had any time to see much with being busy with the GDPPC schedule and then abusing the unlimited alcohol policy at dinner, as well as simply enjoying spending time with all the crazy people that were brought here by the competition. Whilst initially this was supposed to be a partly critical review of the competition, I have decided to just put that completely aside and focus more on the people that made everything highly enjoyable.

So this is for you, guys and gals.

In all sincerity, I didn’t expect to enjoy the company of the people I met in Budapest very much; perhaps it’s just my arrogant nature. Perhaps it is my nihilistic view of humanity and the lack of faith in it. I could count myself lucky that they managed to prove my initial expectation wrong. And this being said, I am still an ice queen, yes? I hope no one dares to disagree with this statement.

A big thanks to all the brown people, the Canadians and Americans, the people from down below and everyone who managed to put up with my consistently racist themed jokes. Not the most inspired post, as I constantly excuse myself, not challenging on an intellectual level or any sort of level, but a tribute. To good times and good friends, even if you only know them for one week.

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