Leaving Melbourne

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Nearly one year ago, I was leaving London to brave the wild, wild southern hemisphere. Now the year has passed, and this little one must return from whence he came.


Whilst Australia hasn’t been entirely what I had expected, it has been a good year (this line just remind me of the movie “A Good Year”, which is actually quite nice and people should go watch it): I have seen kangaroos, wombats, kookaburras and an abundance of parrots. I’ve travelled a lot, but I will only mention the trip to Mildura, Sydney and Tasmania (because, well, I would have probably travelled abroad without being in Australia). I’ve gone to WorldMUN, where I met a lot of great people in my delegation (a lot of great people have been met even outside that environment); I’ve met a lot of hot people at the beginning, and I ended up spending most of my time with a particularly lovely (and smoking hot – what can I say, I’m superficial like that) man.

I spent Christmas in Summer and July in winter. I could constantly mock Australians about the fact that they can count the number of times they saw snow on their hands. Certainly enough, there have been annoying people all around, I’ve moved around way too many times, I lost clothes and stuff along the way (god knows where they’ve been). There are endless stories to be told, mostly good, and rarely bad, yet I would not have the time nor internet to weave them all in this post.

All that I could hope is that I get to meet some of them again in this lifetime (whilst I wouldnt mind not meeting some ever. Like, ever). Always welcome in my house, be it in London or Romania or god knows, my friends!

So I leave you with a quote from Peter Pan:

“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting”.

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