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The great part of living in a rather big and cosmopolitan city like Melbourne is that you get to eat all sorts of cuisine without having the need to travel. New tastes are also a great way of exploring the local “flora and fauna” of restaurants. So tonight, I had my first take of Nepalese! (sure, I would have preferred a ticket to Nepal so I can get the genuine deal, but one must be content with what he has sometimes)

Gurkhas was an easy choice on where to go out – as said before, I had never tried Nepalese before and I was a bit curious. Sure, I expected it to have Indian influences, and was perhaps doubtful about how diverse the flavours would be – I know, it’s just a hasty generalization of thinking that Nepal is in the mountains and thus nothing but goats would exist. Fun fact, Nepal has 5 seasons! Five!

We went for the Simple Buffet (24.5$ a head) cause I was being a hungry hippo – despite the vain, yet rather sweet attempts of my fellow foodie to convince me to get something cheaper. The pictures themselves explain what everything was. It tasted good (not just because of the hunger; my taste buds take no break from judging food) – but I was a bit displeased with the lack of spice (as in the food being hot). Not only because I would expect it from “curry” and “chilli”, but also I had believed spiciness would have come along with the Indian influences.

I did very much enjoy my desert though – the Rato Mohar. The sweet, watery sauce reminded me of baklava – which I absolutely love, and the texture was rather unexpected. In a good way. The rice pudding was alright, but then again I have this thing against rice puddings. But Daniel seemed to enjoy it just fine.

A nice place – especially if you haven’t tried Nepalese before. The food is hearty, but nothing that really lingers (Except the dessert which, as mentioned before, hit my sweet tooth in a pleasant, non-cavities kind of way).

Grade: Sainthood

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