The Explorer (Tasmania #4)

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St Augustine once said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. Like any books, some chapters are more interesting than others. Some are filled with joys and some are filled with horrors. Ultimately, however, we cannot ever predict what the next page has in store for us. Perhaps that’s why everything is so exciting.

10:00 monkeys again

As the sun rose to shine once more upon this blighted planet, one could find me sitting in front of monkeys again. Wy had I revolved around this place once more? Perhaps proximity, boredom or my eternal fascination with bag-snatching, screaming mammals.

We find ourselves revisiting places quite often; i find this happens for an abundance of reasons. Some include proximity, some include cheapness of getting there, but sometimes its more than that. Sometimes we want to show others who are close to us the same wonders. We want to relive the experience from a different angle. And we do. A second visit lacks perhaps the constant surprise and exploration of “virgin lands”, but in exchange it receives more depth. We now know how to get around these places. We become not only efficient, but less distracted by things such as “how to I get back to my hotel”, “are there any buses back”, “who is that hot hunk over there”. OK, maybe not the last one.

Sometimes we do it for ourselves. We feel connected with certain places, and have such fond memories about them, we simply need to go back there. Like everything in this life, this creates dilemmas. Going to another trip to Tokyo will mean I cannot go, let’s say, to Bangkok. Revisiting old places means we cannot visit new ones.

10:30 exploring near kings bridge

I had set off rather ambitiously to visit the Tamar Island Wetlands. I will warn you it is a failed attempt. In a what seems to be Tasmanian fashion, there are no buses to the reserve even thought it supposedly only takes 10 minutes by car. I am, however, told that I could always walk it – a mere 1.5 hours on foot. I decide to let “Explorer Ioan” take the reins on this one.

So I set off. I cross Kings Bridge (where we were yesterday when returning via the Zig Zag trail), intent on discovering all the hidden nooks and crannies offered by the outskirts of the city. I end up on an uphill road that provided great views of the city down bellow.

Soon, however, I come to realize that perhaps the Tamar Wetlands aren’t a place one walks too. With the mantra of “whilst there’s a pathway I shall walk it”, once outside the outer suburbs it seemed not only less entertaining (and hence not being sure I should walk a total of 3 hours for me spending an hour there), but also daunting. It didn’t seem “human friendly” to walk on the side of the road.

I return towards the city, taking a stop in Kings Park to sit and watch the river. A cormorant sat atop a wooden pillar being most likely as bored as I was. Fine, it wasn’t so much boredom than, perhaps, tranquility. I must admit that many times these past few days I had plenty of time I had to waste, yet in a way that just means I get a lot of thought time I don’t normally get in the busy, easily distracted life in the city.

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