St Edmonds

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A short break to the busy life of a law student – which I dutifully make associated with the minimum effort to accomplish anything. Judo, like many martial arts, teaches us that it is not about doing a technique – it’s about doing it with as little energy as possible. I like to generally use that same mentality with most of the things I don’t really want to do (such as essays on the donation of frozen gametes).

Breakfast makes no exception. One must do it with as little energy as possible (eating it, I mean). Sure, that possibility is many times negated by the fact that you spent those amazing 10 extra minutes in bed so now you must gulp down everything so you can catch the train. Otherwise, taking your time is a great way of enjoying life. A very European way, I guess, but great nonetheless. Savour it. Gods know what your day has in store for you.

Once again in Prahran, the Gay Central of Melbourne (seriously, have you seen the sheer number of homosexuals on Chapel Street?). Then again, both me and Daniel probably just propagate the stereotypes of homosexuals: upon being asked if we want coffee, we both went for tea. I’m posh, so I’d take a good cup of earl grey over coffee anytime. Hmph.

Not overly impressed with the food. Whilst the eggs were cooked nicely, there was no oomph to either the sauce nor the bread (which was a huge slice, not very productive for me being able to consume the eggs Bearnaise in a non sloppy way). The ham hock was a bit unappeasing, sitting there and watching me in contempt as I butchered the eggs. My tea was good – but then again it’s difficult to fuck up black tea (not impossible, just difficult). Daniel’s sencha was supposedly a bit burned.

Prices are alright – 9$ for Daniel’s dish and 16$ for mine. They do take EFTPOS (which considering my condition, is great).

Grade: Purgatory

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