HuTong Dumpling Bar

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Distance has this unique quality of destroying some relationships whilst enforcing others. As the world becomes more and more global, however, I find the concept of distance to be increasingly misleading. Whenever you have a friend come over, though, it always become an opportunity/excuse to go and eat out! (also, this place is, by my standards, the best dumpling place in Melbourne).

Certainly enough, other reviewers do not share my opinion – some believing staff was rude or that the food isn’t that great. I would thoroughly disagree (sure, Kai, to my surprise, was talking in Cantonese with the waiter and, I admit, that might have affected the way we received service. However, from what I had seen in the interactions of the staff with other clients, they were more than pleasant and dutiful).

Place was small and cozy, with a nice view of the kitchen and of all those bamboo steamers that I love to take pictures of (and, hey, what is a more representative image for buns and dumplings?).

Service was swift, and the Chilli Wanton were absolutely great – not very spicy (which could have been a problem if I really would have had the taste buds of my Indian friends), but full of flavour and cooked perfectly. Swimming in their little oily pond, ready and excited to be gulped by a very hungry me. I didn’t focus too much on the Chilli Salt Squid, though it seemed rather fresh and the batter was crisp and nice. The Xiao Long Bao were also very good, with a little soupy liquid inside (that I managed to squirt all over the table, including in my tea), also full of flavour and working really well together with its chilli brothers.

I am conflicted on whether I should combine my reviews with certain views over life – certainly enough, many would read it because they care about their food, yet perhaps some would be interested in my rather uncomfortable views of life. Just like ‘distance’, this could have the possibility of pushing some people away and drawing others in.

With this in mind, I will leave it up for my next post to “make it or break it”.

Grade: Sainthood 2.0 (very conflicted about this grade. Somewhere in between Sainthood and Sainthood 2.0)

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