Little Creatures Dining Hall

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You spend hours and hours researching and sussing out where to eat, where to go for drinks, what time to leave and everything else. Don’t get me wrong, I am a strong believer that good times need good plans. But it is always so nice when you find an amazing place by accident. It just makes your day. This is such a story.

Confused and hungry – which is my general state of being – entering the Dining Hall felt a bit like entering a Tardis: it was bigger on the inside! No, really, as in the entrance somehow misleads you on the issue of the size of the place. The various trees planted here and there could also be a source of the room seeming so immense.

Control over space is a vital aspect of a restaurant. It’s not so much as “the bigger the better”, as restaurants that pack you like a sardine can have their own charm. A chummy, get your elbow out of my soup but it’s actually nice and warm with all these people around and I don’t feel lonely kind of way.

It’s about using space to create an appropriate atmosphere. I felt good at Little Creatures – the woodland theme, the huge booths, the open view of the kitchen. It felt like a depo of smuggled goods – but in a “this is where adventures happen, where you plot your insane trip around the world instead of focusing on your law career”.

The food was on our tables in a matter of minutes – worryingly fast! I went for the lamb ribs which literally melted in my mouth (they had an appropriate yet slightly indecent amount if fat on them that just made them scrumptious). Tho some were a bit too crispy, overall they were splendidly cooked and it was just delicious. I tried some of the wurst and the apple chutney worked with it marvelously! The fries where also good – and they give me garlic sauce! Garlic sauce makes life so much better.

The total bill (which also included Organic Cola and Cider) was about 50$ for two persons, which was more than reasonable. Really great place, would definitely advise people to come eat here!

Grade: Sainthood 2.0

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