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As our complicated, complex lives go on and on, people have a tendency to forget the vital role that little things have in the machinery of our existence. How a moment of calm in an endless sea of stress and work provides for the sustenance our minds need to go own: a kind gesture of a stranger, a well made coffee, a random sign that our mind interprets as life/God/fate telling us to go on.

Certainly, there wasn’t much to complain that day as I was strolling throughout North Melbourne, so to beg the great beyond to send me a David to the Goliath that is the arduousness of life would have been rather unreasonable. The day was warm and sunny, and, if I would have bothered to take out the headphones, I’m sure I could even hear a pleasant chirp from the birds and the sweet humming of bees.

The place was very pleasant inside, with lots of space and charming staff, a little garden in the back with a tree and a table. I could also finally test my new 50mm lens for my Nikon! Experimentation time! The late was spot on, and as you should know, I’m not that big on coffee. So I just add a LOT of sugar in it. Still young so can abuse that.

I went with the Shady Deal (shakshuka – which is basically braised spiced tomatoes, eggplant, chickpeas and pepper, with poached eggs; 16$); now, the shakshuka wasn’t all that great – fine at first, but just like the one at Cumulus, becomes rather distasteful after you have had too much. Rather bitter and a bit strange. The eggs were poached well, and… AND… the bread was amazing. I must hand it to them. Soft and warm, it was as if I was munching on clouds dipped in happiness.

Price wise it’s about 24-18$ most courses for brunch, which is fine (not cheap though). They do take cards (again, lifesaver!).

Other allegories of life must wait for another day – I just spent the entirety of mine working with children. Drained is a very kind word.

Grade: Sainthood (the bread saves the place)

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