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Once more thrown into the cold, wintery Australian rain, like a vagabond sniffing the air for a warm place to take shelter and eat. A vagabond with a goal, nonetheless, as I had planned which breakfast place to burden with my presence. “My days are numbered”, I would think, as I once more chose to discard the importance of money.


I was not so shocked to enter a room of bustle and hustle, since Cumulus Inc is on the top 10 most talked about places on Urbanspoon – certainly a popular place. The good thing about eating alone, tho, is that you almost always find a place to squeeze into (finding a silver lining to my perpetually lonely life).


I do not mind having to wait when a restaurant is busy – it seems to me proper to have patience. That extra waiter/cook that they would have had to employ to make sure you don’t wait (in case you feel the need to bitch about it) would mean higher prices. So wait. Or come at a more appropriate time when the place isn’t full to the burst.


Earl Grey on a rainy morning. Blissful. Getting back to the review, you will find that I will make many references (and comparisons) to another breakfast place in the CBD, The Hardware Societe (partly because I ordered nearly identical food, and partly because if you are trying to find a good place to eat I find comparisons a great thing).

The Earl Grey was more pleasant in the Hardware Societe (perhaps because it had those lovely floral nuances) – which I found much more attentive with their nice cups and knitted tea cosy. Not that all place need to have fancy china to make me feel appreciated, but I just found the instruments of my delight here to resemble that of a canteen a bit too much.


Baked eggs (Shakshouka- baked eggs with roasted peppers and shanklish, to be more specific)! What a surprise of my choice! So here is where the criticism starts. Overall, the food was agreeable. However, I never understood why they brought both my orders in the same time (I ordered House made crumpets, whipped ricotta & rooftop honey as well), since obviously I will not be mixing them up (since once is more of a dessert, the crumpets were a bit cold by the time I got to them).

I really liked the roasted peppers – they were really well cooked and tasty. However, the eggs otherwise felt a bit bland. They were also runny (which for me wasn’t great because then they just spilled like radiation from Fukushima, and I felt a bit like the Japanese government as I tried to stop it from getting all over the place). Overall, I found the baked eggs from The Hardware Societe much more delightful.

The bread was much better here tho – made in house and soft and wonderful. But it was a bit too little if you ask me.


Crumpets were a bit hard – probably because they had gotten a bit cold. Now, I know crumpets themselves aren’t meant to have a lot of taste (because, well, they’re basically just flour and yeast), but then ricotta also isn’t extremely potent taste-wise and the dish also just felt a bit tasteless. Not much hint of honey – life felt a bit more lonely at this point.

Prices aren’t very expensive (for breakfast the Urbanspoon indices is a bit off), the baked eggs being for 16$ whilst the crumpets going for 10$. They take EFTPOS which is great! Would not have enjoyed going back into the cold, dark, murky world to find an ATM.

Grade: Sainthood

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