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DSC_0014The rain slowly washes away the summer down the drains of the city, knocking persistently on my bedroom window to remind me of the departure of sunny days and hot siestas. Such days tempt me to turn on the heater and stay in bed all day; yet I was also tempted to go eat some buns.

DSC_0012Globalism has certainly given many people things to moan about. The superficiality of commercial clothing stores, the never-ending invasion of KFC and McDonalds that kill local businesses that we might cherish. But sometimes it gives you a reason to think, “Yeah, it’s great we’re not living in dirt anymore”. Seeing fast-foods that go beyond chucking a piece of frozen chicken in hot smelly oil. Seeing things like Wonderbao.


The place was quite empty at 5:30 PM, which for me is a good thing. I like emptier places (it was empty not because people run away at the sight of the place, but most probably because it was quite close to closing time). The menu isn’t overly resplendent, but had a nice array of bao (the buns we all know and cherish) and gua bao (the one that looks slightly more like a sliced bun, like a sandwich).


I ordered the Braised Pork Belly Gua Bao, the Choi Bao (vegetarian) and the Taro Bao – thought I was sure it wouldn’t be enough to appease the hunger growing inside of me. Barely did I have any time to take pictures that my buns were already in a little cardboard box, faster than Santa’s elves could possibly make a toy. Maybe Santa should employ more Chinese.


Price wise it does keep itself in a “fast-food” range, with most buns being around 2-3$ (cash only as far as I know, for all you overly-dependent-on-cards people). The roast pork gua bao was nice, not too fat yet enough fat to please me, the bun itself being soft and nice.

DSC_0009The Choi Bao was rather tasteless. At first I wanted to defend such lack of taste on the fact that vegetarian food is a bit more difficult to make be tasteful, but that’s wrong. Just add some salt and pepper (luckily there was some chilli sauce I could add). The taro bun was nice. Good buns, cheap buns, but nothing amazing (which, to be honest, seems to be a general review to many restaurants. Perhaps I’m unimaginative).


Grade: Purgatory

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