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Sometimes, even though times are tough and the wallet might be particularly filled with moths and various other pieces of paper that cannot be used to buy a piece of bread with, you feel the need to treat yourself to something good. Some people buy shoes, some people get a nice haircut. I eat. And sometimes I enjoy it.


This morning was such a morning. As I daringly insinuated in the beginning, not all moment when you treat yourself with food are successful. As opposite to shoes and haircuts (although everything can go quite wrong even there), trying out new places to eat is more or less like Russian Roulette; not only that blogs and reviews on websites can’t always be trusted (I still believe there in the conspiracy that the owners write half of all those good posts under the guise of anonymity) but sometimes it’s actually all about your own taste. The shoes you buy after you try them on. The food… well, not so much.


Despite my rant, and my newly found idea that I need to be bitchier to increase the appeal of my blog, today’s breakfast at The Hardware Societe (why Societe and not Society, considering that the word Hardware is clearly in English and not French, beats me) was great and lives me little room to moan about anything (except the general hardship of my life).


You have probably seen many of my posts containing pictures of coffee (That I drank, and sometimes even complimented), but the truth is I hate coffee. OK, fine, maybe not hate, but I do not particularly like it. Why I drink it, not even I can sometimes tell. Pressure from society? (Coffee doesn’t really do anything to wake me up so…) Tea, on the other hand, is bliss. So I went with an Earl Grey with a slight floral taste and amazing smell. The good thing about tea is that you generally get a huge pot of it, for more or less the same price of a cup of coffee. Win.


As I sat at the counter, right in front of the kitchen, waiting for my Baked Eggs (which were supposedly the most popular item on the menu), a few short comments: they do not have EFTPOS, so if you, like me, are in a continuous state of over-reliance on cards, it might be time to go take some money out (prices for food tend to be in the area of about 17$, my total bill with the tea was 21$). Reception seems to be a bit bad inside too, so if you, like me, are also in a continuous state of over-reliance on internet, thought luck.


The baked eggs were divine. Swirling in a little pot of chorizo (which gave it a pleasant spiciness, without overdoing it), cheese and nuts, they were absolutely tasty and luckily the pot wasn’t too hot (I cannot, for the world, stop myself from eating even if it’s hot. So I just end up burning my tongue. But not today!). The accompanying bread was oiled up rather uselessly, if you ask me. I guess some people like oil on their hands and in their food at all times.

Most definitely a good place to go eat (also didn’t have to wait for a table which was great).

Grade: Sainthood 2.0

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