Grill’d (Prahran)

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Amongst all the fine dining, and all the tastings of cuisine from all over the world, a foodie must never forget equally pleasurable activities like chips and burgers.


In the search of finding the perfect burger (or simply the search to find a filling meal for my Saturday night hunger), we decide to stop at Grill’d (my first time at this chain) instead of going for some bibimbap. It’s just that sometimes you (as in I) really want to have what some Americans used to call when in Japan, “real food” (unlike, you know, Japanese food which is all virtual). There is this craving for it.


The menu is quite extensive (even though at first I could only see the beef section. Hunger tried making me efficient. Too much choice can be a bad thing), with various types of beef, chicken and lamb burgers. Healthy as the chicken ones probably were, I decided to stop my inner “fit” self from nagging me to watch what I eat. Also reminiscent of dear old Kyrgyzstan, I went with the Moroccan lamb and a side of chips that would be stolen by Daniel.



Amusing myself with the various entertainment offered by Grill’d (as well as gossip) was easy enough until the wonderful bun with a meat inside came to my distress.


It was certainly filling (and much bigger than the Huxtaburger ones), the lamb cooked well and this version coming with baked peppers. Yet it wasn’t world shaking or anything. Certainly not the best burger in Melbourne, yet a tasty and convenient one to get. I will blame this lack of food inspiration for the lack of adequate and amusing writing in this post.

PS: It seems on Mondays and Tuesdays they give free drinks for students.

PPS: Also, Happy Orthodox Easter everyone! (it can be happy now that Jesus was reborn. A few days before it is contentious whether it is happy or not, considering he dies on a cross. Also, it’s not the “greek easter” as many people in Melbourne would think – it’s just that you have more Greeks here).

Grade: Purgatory

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