When the clouds clear (Kyrgyzstan #4)

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For days and days, the lake seemed endless, ending in blue-grey mist that united it with the sky. Towards the end of our stay, after the rain laid waste on our warm weather, the clouds lifted to showcase what it had been hiding all this time: snowy peaks and giants slumbering. A nice farewell for our trip.


After nearly two weeks that seemed more like years, friendship had been built, drama had been lived, and plots came close towards their tearful and emotional ending. Whereas my facebook feed is being filled by people suffering from “Forum blues”, it seems I have been much too busy putting my life back together whilst I came (ok, not as if I can actually ever put my life together at any point in time).


I am most definitely more of an ice queen, yet certain pictures and certain moments do make me look back and, perhaps, sigh at the lack of my will to fully use my manipulation powers. Such is life. (Also, I did warn everyone this will seem less like a travel journey and more like a pity-party of the past).DSC_0606

The lake was rather cold, but most definitely worthwhile looking at the great mountains. I now understood how people can feel inspired to go climb the Everest. Which I will do. And freeze my butt off but I will get amazing pictures and then have an excuse to bitch about everything on my blog.



The labs came to an end, after which the MTT Championship took place, with wins, and many loses, with tears, and eventually with none of the teams of our labs breaking to the Quarters. And yet, I was quite proud of what they did so far. It was really not about winning – as much as I told everyone it is. It’s about whether in the long run the labs manage to make them better debaters, and, more importantly, better people. I know, I’m all about inspiring people. Shocking.


In a less PG18 manner, the final nights were also the final times in which I could booze on cheap, yet surprisingly good, Kyrgyz beer!




Emotions were, as much as people were hiding them, already swelling as the end came in sight. We manage to distract ourselves rather well with taking pictures and judging finals.




Even I could feel the hint of sadness, thinking of how it will take such long time before I am reunited with all the people I have befriended here. Sometimes its not even about individuals, but about the group dynamics. People move on with their lives, and thinking of how difficult it will become to gather again in a similar group to joke and laugh and gossip… it was saddening.




Other events (or lack of events) managed to frustrate me as well. I just want to say that I really hate people with preconceived ideas that wish to spread them and be absolute bobo’s. I will not give names. I will not say anything else cause I just stir the anger from within.




Some of my children made me a very proud person by winning awards and saving the name of our lab (tho I love all the children, not just the award-winning ones). I yelled and screamed so much my voice nearly broke. Hah.


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