Hwaro Korean BBQ

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Inside, the heat would slowly take over, like the furnaces of Mordor, a great monster of iron filled with hot coals set in front of us, awaiting our feast of meat. Sweat dripped and the alcohol – little as it was – poured down our dried throats. Or Fanta for Daniel.

Aaron trying to hide

The Great Feast of Ioan took us to what the blogosphere would call the “best Korean BBQ place in Melbourne” – so I just had to come and try it out. And judge the shit out of it. Meanwhile, Aaron kept hiding from my camera. What is it with all my friends and shying away from imortalization on my blog?


My insanity also led me to treat them for some reason, luckily the prices weren’t as expensive as I would have expected. Sure, the portions are smaller for the selection (and they didn’t have the Bul-Go-Gi and some other dishes) than in the other Korean place on Little Bourke Street, but you have more control over what you actually get.


The biggest difference from other places that I’ve seen is that here the BBQ will be done on coals (Rather than the use of gas), which firstly means you will have one of these huge monstrosities of coal machines in front of you, spewing heat like a hellspawn. Takes a bit of getting used to it. I was quite excited about tasting meat on this one.


Daniel is also quite excited about the prospect of food!


As usual, many types of sides (called Banchan) for the meat. God know why, but lately I actually like the taste of kimchi. What has become of me?!? Also the pickled radishes were quite nice, as was that salad thing in the right top corner.


We went with the Chilli Pork Belly (which was absolutely fabulous), the Gal-bi and some sort of marinated steak (memory is bad at my age, I’m so old). I do want to note that the staff was incredibly helpful and nice (and sexier than in the other place), Daniel attempting to seduce one of the GAM’s so that he can convince them to give me a birthday cake.



As I was trying to juggle the presence of my ex at the table and be rather entertaining, I didn’t manage to pay all that much attention to carefully tasting the meat in an attempt to feel the difference (if any) between coal and gas prepared BBQ. I was also hungry. The food was very good tho, no complaints there (then again, it’s BBQ). Especially the Spicy Pork Belly (which, obviously, wasn’t all that spicy).


The sauces are also really great, the chilli and garlic reminding me of my Malaysian adventures.DSC_0747

This, ladies and gentlemen, is soju – the korean national drink. Tastes quite similar to vodka, albeit obviously weaker alcohol. Because it’s Asian (And no, that is not racist).DSC_0756

The korean waiter (one of the many I mean), also brought my ice-cream with a candle and started singing Happy Birthday, and you could just feel how uncomfortable he was feeling. It was so cute.

Grade: Sainthood 2.0

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