The Tennis Player

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The tennis player

The study of the human body and the human mind has spanned into countless subjects, from art to psychology, from literature to blogging. Sure, all I am doing is hiding a post all about eye-candy as being something much more complex (as well as appealing to sports people). Nothing wrong with that.


It was finally my chance to come and see Daniel play tennis – after all the stories and the general obsession he has for this sport, it was now picture time! Equipped with my big lens (really, no joke here), ready to put my ever stalker abilities to good use.


What is important to say – if you don’t already know this – is that whenever you model for sports (or let me take pictures whilst you try to be serious about something), most probably 80% of the pictures are hideous. That’s because, when the human body is moving (especially trying to win tennis or fight), it does not look pretty. Your face contorts in all sorts of ways, or you snap the picture when the arm/foot is bent in all sorts of strange angle.


(all that I’m hoping now is that Daniel won’t kill me for posting these particular pictures. Please don’t kill me. I barely turned 22!)


Hat off

(there is another break from the Kyrgyzstan posts because I forgot my SD at Daniel’s so I do not actually have the appropriate pictures for such a post. Which in a way is fine, because I was running behind on pre-IDEA forum posts).


In a probable confusing way (that is me), I would use this opportunity to talk about sports (in a futile hope that I might inspire someone who is not entirely sure he/she should go take that martial arts class or something). Sure, I should expect everyone to understand how great it is – and thus not needing to talk about the benefits (the importance of exercise not only on your fitness level but even if you are trying to get a hot bod, how it improves your sleep and social life etc), yet I seem to have so many friends that refuse to go do anything (even tho they tell me they would like to).


So let me talk about some of the excuses people use not to start up a sport. (1) I’m not a sporty/fit person. Worst excuse ever. Sure, if you haven’t being doing sports no one will be a sporty person. So you need to start. It’s not 17th Century Japan where they will cut you off in two with a katana if you dont hold yours properly. There are so many courses geared for adult beginners (even gymnastics, ballet, swimming etc!).

Holding his ground

(2) I don’t have money. Whilst funds could be a decent concern, think of it this way: firstly, sports/gym is an investment in your health. A great one. A fit person is not only happier but also more productive (look at all the studies if you don’t believe me). So you could perhaps spend 20$ less on boozing every week and go to the gym. Alternatively, find something cheap, or join a local sports club or so. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


(3) I’m shy. Another excuse that seems legitimate. I do understand that if you start by yourself, you end up at a dojo/sports club (no such excuse for the gym I’m afraid) and everyone seems to stare at you in an attempt to make you leave before the trainer gets to push you on the mats. Bring a friend with. Or just survive the initial awkwardness – it goes away after the first few times and you will eventually make good friends with these people. Being shy is not an excuse, it’s something that you need to manage.

Motivational Dan

(4) I don’t have time. Perhaps one of the most often excuse. Which is not an excuse. You can always find 20 minutes (and it has been proved that even 20 minutes of gym can be quite beneficial), and I doubt you work 24/7. Again, fitness increases your productivity. It makes you hotter. Do it. Don’t be a slob.

Well, I hope Tennis Dan has inspired you all to go follow your sports dream. That’s it for now, folks.

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