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Blue skies awaited to greet me on this grand-soon-to-be-national-holiday day, taking a short break from the Kyrgyzstan posts to fill your eyes with the wonders of Melbournian cafes. That and I usually do not wake up early enough to actually visit breakfast places (as you all know).

Coffee hearts

Who would think I would have my birthday in autumn? This whole season swap could merit some recognition. Also because it is my bday I decided not to care about money (do I ever?) and feed myself good food ALL DAY LONG. Having spent the night in North Melbourne, I took it upon me to risk the local food and coffee at Twenty & Six Espresso.

Yi evading my camera

My fellow foodie, Yi, tried as much as he could to avoid my camera – but my paparazzi/stalker skills are just too good; threatened to sue me, but eventually fell for my charms and accepted to have his picture featured on my blog!

The coffee shop is sprawled on a bit of pavement, like a drunk waking up in the gutter and trying to slowly pick himself up (for those who want to enjoy what little is left of pleasant weather), with some seats inside. The decor itself doesnt shake my world – then again little does, but I guess it works for people who care more about their coffee than about the colour of the walls.


Rather saddened by the lack of Eggs Benedict on the menu (which I really craved), tho I did try to make them cook a batch just for me. When I get fixated on food I’m like a pregnant woman, not to be messed with. Apparently, they don’t serve eggs Benedict. So I settled for the “pork belly” bao.

Take a Bao

“Pork belly”, they say. Besides looking a bit messy, it wasn’t really pork belly – the meat was too dry and not juicy (Also barely any fat – which is the reason one chooses pork belly!). It was tasty, yet not sure it deserved the 16$ it had cost. Maybe it was just caramelized pork belly but honestly wasnt quite what I expected. The peanuts were a nice addition tho.


Whilst the post now ends, the madness that is my life continues, with a tint of strangeness added to this day (possibly I have listened to too much music or something). Or maybe I need more sugar. Yeah, some chocolate could be quite nice.

Grade: Purgatory (Food) / Sainthood (Coffee)

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  1. Oh hi, thanks for your well researched and thorough blog post.
    Just wanting to clarify that our pork belly (from the point of view of someone who sees it lovingly prepared), is, any pork belly is, absolutely full of fat. I agree with you, this is why one would chose to order it.
    Secondly, we apologise for not having your favourite Eggs Benedict on our menu. As you may have seen, we attempt to create more i retesting and inventive menu items and leave the old favourites to the hundreds of other cafes doing them. Hope you enjoyed other aspects of your visit.

    The team at Twenty and Six

    • Oh the coffee was great. And I do think that indeed the lack of fatty taste was because it was caramelized (I think it was caramelized) – just my eastern european taste buds wanting more fat hah.

      No need to apologize for the lack of Eggs Benedict – not all breakfast places have to have them. Just one of my temporary obsessions

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