Asian Youth Forum (Kyrgyzstan #2)

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One day, someone at the forum asked me to record a video of my opinion on peace; at that point I went all Darth Vader and told her that peace is a lie. Conflict lies in the soul of man. In truth, debating competitions show exactly that. Yet not all conflict must be reviled and cause destruction. Ideas need to collide. There can only be peace in one’s mind after there was war.


One last pic from the demo debate! (where bitch mode was engaged). Here is a link to the video of it in case anyone is interested (the motion is: THW Ban violent video games).

As I said, this travel will be tainted very much by there being a debate competition and training there. So you will see many pictures of the kids I judged and the judges I used to kid with.


Bringing cultures together not only prompted me to self-declare myself as the Equity Officer and continue my cultural insensitive self to exist in any sort of environment, but it always gives people an excuse for a “Global Village” which meant I could dress up and pretend to be Japanese whilst eating free food and stealing items from different country stalls.


The girls are from Myanmar – quite a lively bunch, always singing and dancing.


As I said, I dressed up Japanese. Cause I’m that swag.


Uniforms for Mongolian schools (I know, my descriptions are slightly bland but I can only be interesting when mocking things and trying my best not to mock lovely people).


Their skin is so dark my camera can barely see them (but I’m the Equity Officer so saying that is not racist).DSC_0321

Various goods from Kyrgyzstan. You would notice that they have very very similar food to what Romania would probably put up as “cultural” too. Slightly suspicious.


One moment when I regret not being part of a country that enables me to show skin as part of the “national” outfit (Philippines).


Yes, I stole one of the Cambodian masks. I mean, I was given it. For free. Because I’m awesome.


Not sure what that hand is supposed to be pointing at.


I also wish to take credit for that Cup (only 2nd place tho) going to team Cambodia. Without me constantly nearly dissenting, they would not have made it to the finals. Off course it’s not cause they are talented or anything. It’s all me. It always is (I really do hope people that read my blog get sarcasm. Otherwise I must seem like a total prick).

How wonderful it is to just post pictures and not need to write anything witty or remotely intelligent. The KPDC came and gone, teams winning and losing, cries being spilled and me and Sharmila engaging in a challenge of who would dissent more (she won. Marginally. Oh and dissent means to vote in the minority as a judge. So there’s at least 3 judges per round. Should make sense, yeah?).


Look at all my children from Lab 2! They were such a great bunch. Aaaaand this is what I am reduced to when I need to recollect moment from the past. Oh! There were Russian athletes in the resort. Training. Partially naked. Gymnasts. Lost. For. Words.

OK, should not have naked and children in the same paragraph. Noted.


Next post, hopefully wit will descend from the Heavens upon me once more, as I expose the peregrinations during the Trip Day. Includes horses, snow, and weird statues. And me. Always me.


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