Tearing up the Silk Road (Kyrgyzstan #1)

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Tearing up the Silk Road

Certainly, these few last posts will be perhaps tainted by a series of factors: the lack of reliable internet (coupled with wordpress being blocked in post-soviet Kyrgyzstan) means I must rely on my frail and impressionable memory to recollect the happening of the past few weeks.

Enter Issyk-Kul

Enter Lake Issyk-Kul: once a top destination for the Russian Cosmonaut Programme! With countless bits of rockets falling back down in the lake, tiny aliens hidden inside rocks awaiting for their moment to take control of Planet Earth! Also there were these really strange cosmonaut matrioshka at the entrance which was less confusing once I found out about the lake.

Uhm... strange

The lake, 250 km east of Bishkek (the capital of Kyrgyzstan for all you ignoramuses), but due to post-soviet roads (I will use the word post-soviet quite extensively) about 5 1/2 hours via car, was going to be my home for two weeks. At the very least, it was a gorgeous setting for plenty nights of boozing and killing brain cells in an attempt not to kill people during debates; beautiful mountains, a seemingly endless water (not the drinkable sort, which was unfortunately quite endful).


Truth is singular – versions of it are mistruths. In life, however, the scientific method of trial and error, going through each lie and wrong identity one at a time, seems to be the only way of finding ones true self (yes, queue philosophical nonsense I thought of on the plane). Many of my posts, if not all, herald the utter goodness of traveling. That is because it is easy to grow into a wrong persona when sitting comfortably by the fire sipping on cocoa. It is when one challenges himself that the lies crack and crumble. Truth is the only shield that can withstand anything.

Youth Forum

Certainly, it can be a heavy shield to bear. But the more you carry it, as heavy as it is, the stronger you become, until, one day, it is as light as a feather. Strong as any steel.

I managed to meet some old friends again, whom I dearly missed – Annu, Sharmila, Logan, Noura, Bianca (the list can go on) – which is one of the reasons the Youth Forum is such a great event. And in the same time why it’s bad (but more of this drama in a later post).

Bianca by the pond

Post soviet sunset

Angry buddha

To those followers of mine interested in purely travel posts, I apologize – but this trip is of a quite different flavour than my normal adventures. For one, much more intellectual than my average “stuff my face with food, try not to get killed by traffic or organ smugglers” adventure.





I cannot but agree with Gandalf – life is not in books, but out there, beyond the mountain peaks and the rivers and lakes. A short first post – as I am on borrowed internet (for which I fully appreciate Daniel), yet there are still so much more stories and pictures to come.

Can’t get enough? This post is part of a series!

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