Dae Jang Geum Korean BBQ

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For many months I had to bear the constant moaning of the Sala of how much meat Korean BBQ’s offer you, of how you fill your stomach with tasty, succulent morsels of the flesh (not that kind of flesh), but I had been robbed of such experience whilst in Japan. It was high time such mockery ended! So we enter the BBQ place – hungry as hellhounds.

The other denizens

The place is spacious yet simple (slightly communist, but nothing wrong with that), at the first floor of a door right next to the very entrance to Chinatown, the air filled with the general hustle and bustle of developing Asian nations; which is rather comforting. You know that a busy restaurant generally means the food is good. We get seated at a large table and given menus full of meat and meat and more marinated meat. It is undoubtedly best if you can share it with another person, if not even more (the menus do seem to be designed for at least two people).


One of the Korean waiters then comes and opens up the little lid on the table to put the necessary equipment on it: everything is cooked right in front of you (Well cooked might be a strong word: the meat is just frying there. There is no actual cooking done. Not proper one anyhow). Very similar to the Japanese okonomiyaki places.

The cookery

Random stuff

Look at that handsome meat!

We got a mix of the marinated and the normal meat – which was quite a wise decision. Lots of meat is ALWAYS a wise choice. Unless you are in dodgy places in Vietnam, then you might want to avoid meat. Whilst you are provided with two sauces for the meat, the unmarinated one can seem a bit bland to some. However, it does mean you can actually feel the taste of the meat, and it was undoubtedly good! Yet if you are not into tasting unseasoned meat then the marinated one should definitely be your choice.


A carnivore's feast

Mmmm roasty meaty

We ended up paying about 20$ per person (the rice being ordered separately), but it was most definitely a filling meal. I quite enjoyed it, the meat being quite varied and the staff doing their job of coming and taking care of it not churning to the point of bursting in flames. The inner gym-geek would point out that it’s also a lot of protein without the carbs so that should be very good as dinner for all those who are trying to put on some muscle!

Too much meat

Grade: Sainthood

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