Red Silks

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There are no gangs in Melbourne’s Chinatown. There are barely any restaurants too, it being more of a Chinastreet than actual town (at least here in the CBD); yet there are a few places still worth a visit. If you manage to find them.

Red Silks manages to interpret the role of a gangster hideout quite well, burrowed in one of the galleries connecting Bourke St to Lt. Bourke St, on the first floor. It reminds me of many Asian restaurants in the West, stored away at the end of some maze or incredibly dodgy alley, as in fear of being filled with too many white people and thus losing its purpose to serve the nation from whence it sprung from.


The prices are rather cheap (I mean look how happy Regina is), with most meals being under 10$ – with an extensive menu of noodles, rice, vegetarian, pork and god know what. Shockingly there doesn’t seem to be extra pages with Chinese only. The food can be a bit of a hit and miss, never bad food, but at times good at times just plain average. For this price, however, I think it’s a rather good option for some Chinese.


There’s an inside and outside, though I have never left the warmth of the interior as the Melbournian weather has not blessed me lately with its grace. Winter is coming.


They have Calpico! A mark of a true Asian restaurant!


Sometimes you can see the manager there, a rather short, muscular Asian, hiding tattoos under his suit, watching the other minions unfold and checking everything is in order. His boyfriend (tho unknown to me which one it actually is) also works there.

Alas, my dear readers, I have been plagued with a lack of internet these past few days (Everything seems to be closed for Easter in this god forsaken country), but many wonders await you all.

Grade: Purgatory

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