1960 Presidential Club (Vietnam #7)

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It might be useful to mention that I do not think all traveling should be a sort of constant battle for life, of fencing with snakes and running for your life from a wild boar who you though would look rather splendid if you took a flash picture.

I just think that, generally, such experience is more likely to challenge us and thus get us in the right mental state to grow.


Yet rest is essential to life (you all know how much I like my sleep), and deep meditation and relaxation can also trigger realizations. All those buddhists meditating in -20 degrees celcius know what they’re up to.


Sure. My meditation was in a herbal bath.

But let’s see how we got there. It has been undoubtedly the laziest day of my trip (from high points such as the Great Yamadera Dive and surviving the streets of early Saigon), getting back from Da Nang and heading over to send postcards to the alarmingly increasing number of people (counting 6). Then I sat my ass for some Pho nearby, then roamed for some vietnamese coffee waiting until my dentist appointment (yes. I have succumbed to the cheap(ish) prices of developing countries).


Now let me explain how one uses Vietnamese coffee (cause up until now I just got it right on the ice). Pretending I know what I’m doing (essential skill in life and especially in traveling, where confidence can save you in a thigh spot. Or from humiliation) and using my amazing google skills, it seems you remove the entire metal cap, do a short mix (theres condensed milk in there, thoroughly upholding the laws of physics and refusing to mix with liquids of other density) and pour the muther fucka over the ice. Voila.

Dentist was great (if you want to know where to go, just ask). But then! THEN! It was spa time. At last.



So I went to this place called 1960 Presidential Club (111a Duong Pasteur, Floor 22)


It was a but of a splurge but definitely worth it! (And when I say splurge I mean like 80$).


I went for the Tropical Blossom Package, with a coconut body scrub (I smelled like a cake), sauna, herbal bath and swedish massage n foot massage. The place was suspiciously empty (it was mostly me except for some 10 minutes at some point), which made it feel even better.



As I said, a rather uneventful day otherwise. Inspiration waning as well, I’ll just let y’all be jealous of my massage.




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