Bankrupt Beaches (Vietnam #5)

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We fly over mountains and rivers to rest our weary traveller feet on the beaches of Da Nang.


Because, well, I dont think there’s anything much to do else. Sure, there seems to be a vast number of tours, to Monkey Island (have no idea why it’s called this), the Iron Mountains and so forth, but otherwise it’s rather uneventful.


Which is rather what one expects from a resort. The beaches were quite empty at around 1-2 pm, getting rather lively later in the day. There was surprisingly no trash anywhere, and the sand was fine and squeaky at times.


Da Nang is the third largest city in Vietnam, but someone should out this huge “under construction” sign on it: new building being built everywhere, as well as the roads being in the same position. Whilst I haven’t ventured in the city centre – which seemed lively and all – the beachside (at least my beachside) had this eery deserted atmosphere about it.


Resorts and hotels sprawled everywhere but there was barely a handful of tourists. The streets were empty, and so were most of the restaurant everywhere. It all seemed rather like some sort of failed communist project.


But the beach was nice. There was only me and some fishermen out in the distance. It was lovely to hear and see the sea caress the land, like one would do with a stubborn lover. I understood why people would want to practice yoga here, it was all so full of energy.


And some dead jellyfish.


Other than that it was pretty restful. I didn’t manage to sunbathe much as it was rather foggy or something and then at about 3 the clouds came in and took away any shred of sun. My hotel room is comfy tho and maybe all this beach feeling is making me rather lazy.







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