Just my Luck (Japan #5)

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There comes a time in ones life when you must cast the dice, whether you are ready for it or not.

This post has nothing to do with such a time.


After so much running around all day long, writing my blog daily (it’s quite tiresome, really), and even managing to squeeze in some exercises my trainer gave me (this Adonis body ain’t cheap), it was high time I declare a slower pace so that I dont burn myself half thru (still 7 days in Japan then 8 days in Vietnam left). Well, actually, it’s not even half! Its just a quarter thru! My lord, how long is this vacation?


It would have been a perfect day of sloth… Had someone (Masahiro) not had the stupendous idea of us meeting up at 9:30. I was obviously late due to my alarm not ringing (who can blame it not wanting to wake so early?), and eventually… I paid for my mistake in tissues and shampoo:


Nope. Not mine. Not mine at all.


“Your Japanese is so bad I’m just going to play on my phone”. OK, jokes aside it was great seeing another Youth Forum face, and combining a trip with meeting up some (lovely) acquaintances does give it a certain sort of sense of fulfilment. But Masa had to quickly run off to his internship with some politician from the Democratic Party.

Before moving on to the only actual visiting part of my day, I had to go to Harajuku to sort out a little business (no, I didnt go to have sex. Honestly, the opinion my friends have of me. Yes, Roger, I am talking about you. And Ale. And Anca. Well I can name quite a few who would have probably thought that).



This neighbourhood at the end of the Ginza line is home to the renowned Sensō-ji Temple, and it has been the first place in Tokyo where I have seen quite a number of tourists. It is also the first place that wanted me to buy absolutely everything.


I had up until now surprised myself with how restrained I was with buying stuff. Restrained mode: off.



In truth, once you have seen one Temple you’ve more or less seen them all. What is very lovely about Sensō-ji is all the stalls that are selling everything. It feels like a continuous Matsuri here. And it has been something I was looking for.


Everything, from Geta shoes to masks, from sweets to yukata. Ninja shoes. Ninja masks. Tabi socks. Literally almost everything that you have seen in Naruto and want to buy. As well as some lovely postcards.


The temple also has this very nice pagoda which I havent seen much of anywhere else. So maybe once you’ve seen one temple you havent really seen all. Unless you came to Sensō-ji first. Then you kinda seen them all.



Then there is this thing called Mikuji, where you donate 100 円 and then you thing of something – like your job or you loveless life – after which you shake-shake-shake that thing until a stick pops out. You might as well do the rumba. Once you have the stick, you find the appropriate drawer with the same number (which is in Japanese).


What does my luck foretell? That’s a secret I’ll never tell (I swear, I am sure all these pop culture references I make in my blogs are never picked up. Should I explain them?). I also guess you could not donate the money but then I’m sure you’d get cursed or something.




As I said, a rather quaint day. Tomorrow, empowered by no sleeping limits, I shall return to my hyperactive self.


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