Land of the Rising Sun (Japan #1)

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Did everyone think that just because I’m in Japan, I won’t blog? HAH! Welcome to the live streaming of “Ioan in the Land of Vending Machines”.

The flight

Before I bedazzle you with millions of pictures of Japanese shit, it did take about 18 hours to get there, which, for my unfortunate (or fortunate?) self, were not uneventful (but then, let’s face it, my life is simply a magnet for adventure).

Once I get to the airport (after being a very lazy lizzard at daniels), i go to the counter all ready to jumpstart my trip, and the nice man asks me where my final destination was. I say “tokyo”, and then he goes “I do hope you have a Visa because otherwise you cant travel”. Cue conversation of me trying to explain that no, i dont need a visa and him insisting i do. Then figure out he’s talking about vietnam and i was like… Off course i have a visa for that (and even if i didnt… I did see in saigon “landing visa”). Also, my checked in luggage was only 2 kilos more than the one i took on board. Hah. 12 kilos of souvenir space…

Saw a million movies in-flight, changed a million times in a million places, waited in wrong queues, got to Japan, my Japanese is so…. SO… rusty. I am ashamed. Or maybe I just cant hear wear post-flight. Yeah. Let’s blame it on that.

I was waiting in the airport so the post office would open and I could pick up a package (a data sim, will tell you how to get one in a later post), so I left the ground floor to go to the 4th. There I got distracted by a Starbucks that was sellin Sakura frappucino, and as i ordered it i was looking forward to take some pics of it. But… There was no camera. “Fuck”, goes my brain, “i mustah left it downstairs”. Yep. It was just casually sitting where i left it, probably thought i just went to pee. Good things it doesnt know i’m such a neglectful parent.


I manage to get to the place without much trouble – even though Tokyo enjoys NOT HAVING STREET NAMES. So there is this random system of numbers and more numbers. I promise I will try to figure it out.



I booked a room with this app called Airbnb ( it has a website version too), which basically lets you rent rooms from peoples houses. This means its going to be much cheaper than hotels and much nicer than hostels. I’m staying in Aoyama, in a huge room… And…. AND… the toilet seat is heated. Always. Such bliss. Makes me want to never leave the toilet.



The day then proceeded with exploring the area around for a bit and going down to Jingumae and Shibuya. The city is filled with little streets that just create a web of paths, people and cars blending in seamlessly, as there generally isnt a sidewalk to the little roads.


Have I told you how cold it is? Sure, it’s only about 8-10 degrees, but having lived in sunny Australia and having my brain cooked for too long I had forgotten the smell of winter. It’s great!




We finally get to Shibuya! The underground system is highly efficient (reading this, Melbourne?). I really need to take a picture of the map. The lines themselves are like in London, spread out and intersecting all over the place, and generally technology used to really make it easy to get around and know where your destination lies.


Introducing the statue of Hachiko! Apparently it’s a meeting place for Tokyoites, even having one of the Shibuya Station exists named after it. Yes. I did just write a short paragraph about the statue of a dog.



RAMEN time! Where you just go insert money and get a ticket. No, it’s not quite a ramen vending machine. But it seems to make it easier to make people pay for stuff rather than having a till.


I also dont quite know what restaurant it is – I mean the name. I just went in at Shibuya. There were soo many varieties! I just couldnt decide what I want! Went with the garlic smth Ramen (I know, bad blogger for not noting down).


And thats about it for today. A short one but needed to come back and rest after the many hours of travel. Tomorrow… Tomorrow… It’s always a day away!

PS: Yes, I admit, this post isn’t as thrilling and/or mind-boggling as my general self, but cut a guy some slack. Tired and on vacation.


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