Thursday Night Movie

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Have you missed my ever-tantalizing and slightly non-sensical reviews of movies that are really good? Well, under popular demand (of a single woman that makes me fear for my life), it is back!

The treat this week is not quite a Chinese movies, as I had promoted it to my friend, but it has plenty of Chinese in it. Without spoilering I can safely say that the Io sono Li explores, as the catalyst for other events, the situation of many a Chinese worker in the West – and I think it is an essential story of how they are not just some kind of immigrants that come to steal our jobs and just leech off the state.

It is a story of hardship, as you will see within the movie. But even more than that, the situation of a Chinese woman that speaks very little if any Italian gives a great opportunity for a subtler experimentation within the movie; for an exploration of love and how much of that period’s Italy was unable to accept it.

There’s a new video that actually reminds me a lot of the movie:

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