The Old Bar & Union Club Hotel

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A bit dark but a nice retreat from the heat

A bit dark but a nice retreat from the heat

Gone are the days with interesting blog post titles! Gone! (I have realized that when blogging about restaurants it might be slightly more convenient if people know what restaurant I’m reviewing before randomly clicking on the post. Sigh. How reality just kills the child within me). Luckily, the pictures remain (oh how I love pictures. I don’t understand why books don’t have more of them), so let’s get ready for a double-locale posting!


Yesterday I was planning to go to an event at Hares & Hyenas (the launch of NICHE and some stories from Daniel’s book, but you’ll hear more about that with another occasion). I had managed to drag Aaron with me (who I promise is a real person), and since he was in the mood for some drinks, we popped into The Old Bar (which was just opposite the library, on Johnston Street).

Star Wars!

And there were pinball machines! In all truth, I haven’t seen one in such a long time. Just like Proust’s childhood memories being jogged by the smell of pies (in his “Remembrance of Things Past”), so were my memories by these little machines. I was transported back to a 10-year old self, waiting in line at the barbers. I remember I never liked going there, because my hair would always end up being pulled and I hate that. I can also remember how once I took my duckling there. Oh my sweet little duckling.

Outside, at the back

Outside, at the back

Beers and ciders

Getting back to the bar (I do tend to get distracted so easily during my blog posts), it is a rather quaint place during the day – it became slightly busier later on. They have jugs of cider/beer for 15$ until 8PM, which is quite the bargain if you ask me. There is an outside area as well, which is less plagued by the eternal darkness within. I would have added a picture of Aaron, but he doesn’t like posing. So for now we can just consider him a figment of my imagination.

How did this pic slip in?

Fast-forwarding through time (oh all this godly power my blog gives me), we (I) were quite hungry afterwards so we decided to go eat somewhere. After countless indecision we eventually arrive on Smith Street (coincidentally close to my house) and decide we should go to some burger place my imaginary friend knows to be good.

If it looks like a fortress, it's my kind of place

If it looks like a fortress, it’s my kind of place

A rather more salt of the earth kind of place (and I really do mean, in as a kind way as I can, that many of the clients could have potentially written a book called Bogan 101), it’s kind of attractive with it’s decrepit looks and pool table inside (just like the main bar in my grandpa’s village. What a trip down memory lane).

Time to get messy

Time to get messy

The burger was top-notch, really (The Union Club Burger together with chips, 18$). Beef pate, bacon, beetroot (I don’t normally like beetroot, but I found it quite enjoyable in burgers), cheese, lettuce! Honestly making me really hungry for a burger right now. As per usual, I get messy with the burgers, can’t seem to help myself. The meat was well cooked and it was just all yummy.

Grade: Sainthood

The place might not look it, but the food was quite delicious.

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