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The front entrance to the restaurant

In all truth, I have only seen the beach twice since I came to Melbourne. I know, shame on me. On the other hand, I don’t really live near it nor do I have such a need to go see it by myself. Maybe I should. Or maybe I should make more friends. Anyway, I did manage to go to this cozy restaurant in St Kilda.



In the belly

In the belly of the beast

As I’ve said, Donovans creates a very cozy atmosphere., with the interior attempting to look as much as a home as it could. There is a wall full of what seems like family pictures, there’s a few couches around, and some of the tables are quite close together so you would have no choice but feel cozy if it were on a busy day.

Beach it

I have seen some reviews mention the great views that the restaurant offers. Well, sure, you can see the beach and the sea, but you can also see all the more or less unattractive people sunbathing and doing all sorts of unpleasant activities – all I’m saying is that it’s not so much a private view. There are countless restaurants that offer the exact same view for much cheaper prices.

So if you want to be able to contemplate the vastness of the sea and the insignificance of human life in the grand scheme of things, whilst sipping from you glass of wine from grapes handpicked by starving children in Africa, this is not the place for you. If, however, you want to conduct a study on the effect of fatty foods on the human skin, or the ineffectiveness of the Australian ads on “a tan is not healthy”, just take a seat.

Bread. I like

Look at all the pretty flowers

Is it alive?

Alas, I am purposelessly mean again (can meanness be without purpose tho, really?). I’ll be upfront – I didn’t really find anything special about this restaurant. Kai (my foodie buddy for this time), personally really likes it and thinks it’s one of Melbourne’s best restaurants. The staff is very well mannered – there’s a front of house that benevolently takes you to your seats and the waiters as well do their job well. The food, on the other hand, I found to be rather bland.

So we received some bread with some butter and some sort of mash, on the house. This I liked, the bread was fresh, the butter was good. But then again, it’s bread and butter, I can make it at home and it’s just the same. I ordered the “Local Moreton Bay bug meat tossed with crustacean veloutĂ©, cavatelli pastaand pangrattato” (37$) while Kai had the (I think) “Linguine with seafood and Western Australian scampi” (45$). He quite enjoyed his dish. Mine, however, was bland. Firstly, no, it’s not actual bug meat (sad face). It’s crayfish (yes, I knew this before ordering). I did quite enjoy the sprinkles of fresh herb which I think was basil, yet overall I found the pasta rather bland and not at all moreish. Especially for the price they charged, I expected more.

Se moi

Kai post-lunch

Overall, I think my experience was not quite worth the money paid. It is, however, a cozy place and offers fine dining, if that’s what you are looking for. That’s it for today, folks, until our paths cross again.

Grade: Purgatory
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