I like my food hot

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Just the way I like my men, too. So it’s always great when the 2 magically combine, and being taken out for some hot pot (hot pot, again! what is it with me and hot pot lately? It’s like pork belly 2.0) by this stud muffin was exactly what the doctor prescribed (for my condition of chronic laziness).

All for me?

Oishi Kitchen (oishi = delicious in Japanese) doesn’t do very much about it’s appearance, being minimalistic in that way. Reminding me more of a Japanese canteen than anyone else, but I was very pleased about the fact that they had Calpico on their drinks menu. Unlike Nobu.

The restaurant is Korean/Japanese (there seems to be an awful lot of this kind of mix in Melbourne), albeit the dishes (the one’s we had at the very least) were rather more Korean than Japanese (the dumpling and the hot pots seemed to have a much more continental influence).

Fattening me up?

The prices were good (about 10-15$ for the dish), the service was speedy and the food was alright, tho nothing amazing. The dumplings were crunchy, the batter probably being made with egg pasta rather than rice, and they were definitely not made Japanese style (the Japanese fry them and then add water so they end up also being boiled. Thus the bottom of the dumpling is fried and the rest is moist and soft). I think these we simply fried. I also had some pork ribs sizzling in a ginormous plate. The company, instead, made up for the lack of amazingness of the food, so the night was all right overall.

Look who got a polaroid

There seemed to be quite a few couples on dates there as well, as Daniel was stalking every person in there. Many of them gay (and truth be told, whenever I see gay couples holding hands or such I just go awwww). Such youth and cuteness in them, nearly made me all needy for love and such. Off course then my other personalities kicked in and explained how craving affection is for the weak and that we have a higher purpose. Sigh.

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