The Monster in the Clasroom

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This post is a bit different: some much needed propaganda. So if you’re a teacher, care about education, or just want it to make it a little bit better for all the little children out there in the world, read the post and click the links. It doesn’t take much effort for you to slightly empower the message that is being sent here. Yes, it’s another gay post. And in a soppy way, if we all joined together it would be something we could actually change.

I won’t be talking too much about Daniel Witthaus and his mantra of changing the world “one cuppa at a time” (I’d rather use a sharp blade and a 9mm, but hey, I’m sure you can do just as much damage with a hot cup of tea). I’m saving all the praise and whatnot for my article in Lot’s Wife magazine (Which, don’t worry all my dear readers, you will get your hands on).

So no sexy pictures of the man himself, instead just something about this whole “NICHE” thing.

Long story short, the National Institute of Challenging Homophobia Education (NICHE) gets launched in Melbourne (it’s an Australian thing) on the 20th of January. If you are around and want to show support, to pop by. This is a link to the event (facebook and Midsumma link).

Also, how about you “Like” the Facebook page as well? It doesn’t matter if you are Australian or not, you are supporting a worthy cause. Really, go click “Like”. If you have any humanity, do it!

Now, you might think that it’s a Facebook page like is irrelevant, or that you showing up to this event is also not important. So let me tell you why even this little bit can do a lot of good (and make me happy – which should suffice by itself), before going on a little bit of rant about homophobia.


Firstly, considering the amount of effort it takes to like a facebook page, one should not truly expect miracles just by liking it. So it’s a proportionate effect. But there is one: the more likes it has, the more perceived power and truth the message has. It’s one thing to stumble upon a page that has 5 likes – that is obviously something obscure or irrelevant. But when you find something with 100, 1000 likes, it makes you look twice. It makes you think it’s not unimportant.

The same thing with an event. There is always attention from the shadows, whether it be the press or skeptic people. If the place will be absolutely full, it will make people think this is something it’s something worth following. It’s the same with a revolution. It’s the same with getting bullied. The one child getting hit will simply have the rest of the class watch – because they do not want to intervene. Maybe it’s because of the diffusion of responsibility theory. Maybe there is one person who will defend him. But if there was more, it gives courage to others to intervene as well. A revolution may be sparked by one man – like in Tunisia. But it needs people on its side.

So share, like, come. Whether you have gay children or not, whether you have gay friends or not. It’s about making sure society is educated about what is right and what is wrong.


At the Youth Forum held in Mexico, me and Annushia had a group we were training. Since the motion was about profiling, we decided to start off by making people tell us something they’ve been profiled for. She talked about being a woman and profiled for that in the workplace. And I, rather casually, explained about being profiled because I am gay. I wasn’t watching them, but Annu said that many of them were surprised I said it so casually. Many of them come from countries such as Mexico, eastern European countries or countries in the Middle East, so perhaps it was expected. But I didn’t think they would consider it scary to be themselves at an international debating competition.

It is for these children, that, yes, we should like a facebook page. For why we should let people know it is not alright to judge and bully. Whilst I would do it with blades and fire, we all have a way in which we can join the battle. So join it, stop standing on the sidelines for once in your lives, or lend us your much experience in fighting bobo’s (idiots).


What can I say, I’m not entirely heartless, ok? Children should be off limits for any of life’s miseries.


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