My Beef with Burgers

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My beef with burgers

And my burgers with beef. Once again, hungry after the gym and slightly careless about my money-saving plans; I like to justify all my eating out as “visiting” or “experiencing” Melbourne. So that being said, let’s have some burger…


My life just seems like a bottomless pit in which I throw money. And all of that is mostly spent on: gym, gym nutrition, more gym, and eating. All my paychecks lately, as well, have not gone in my wallet but to pay for my flight to Japan (no qualms there). Yet when I saw Huxtaburgers was actually in Collingwood (I kept hearing about them, but had no idea they were at my doorstep), I just said, as I always do, “fuck it, let’s eat”.

So far so good

I just went for the Huxtaburger (8.5$, the burger named after their place has to be good, right? I mean, it’s basically your signature dish), and had it to go as I wanted to get home. Didn’t take them long (I read many reviews that moaned about the waiting time), but then again it was empty. It did smell good, as I was hurrying with it back home. Pour some nice Coca-Cola (which I keep saying I will quit, like the crack addict that I am), hear the ice sizzling…

A bit squishy

It looked a bit squishy. A bit battered. A bit… small. Took a bite, took another. Then it was all done. Time to reflect. Is it a good burger? Sure. The beef is nicely done and the ingredients are tasty. Is it the best burger ever? Hardly. Is it the best burger in Melbourne? Not really, had a better burger at Strange Wolf. Also might be a bit overpriced for such a small burger.

Grade: C

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