Hot Days

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Hot Days

I rarely complain of the weather outside – even in the scorching 41 degrees, I really didn’t mind it much. Gym has AC, trams have AC… house doesn’t. So then, I complain. When I’m boiling in my room like in a sauna. But this post is about food.

Peoples are peoples

As I was once again at the gym with very little food in my stomach (luckily no trainer there to push me until I want to vomit like last time), I had decided to go eat somewhere, and good ol’ 4square was pointing out there was a new Japanese place nearby. Pepper Lunch (309-311 Elizabeth Street) seemed quite a good place to try out.

Steaming hot

The concept is very similar to the one of the Korean Hot pot (yet the food is slightly more simple). You have a range of menu’s you can select (cheapest being the Pepper Rice Beef for about 8-9$) and, upon paying an extra 2$ something, you can get either miso soup or some soft drink (the Miso wasn’t very good). Then you are eventually given a plate heated up at 260 degrees (yeah, suddenly I was picturing how the waitress is just gonna drop all that in my lap) in which your meat is mostly raw. It cooks pretty fast, and then you can add a nice garlic soy sauce. Food is tasty, but then again, you cook it yourself and as I’ve said, it’s pretty simple. A good cheap meal for sure.


I personally don’t quite understand why this restaurant is Japanese. For starters, I haven’t seen many Japanese dishes with corn. Then, though they do have plenty of teppanyaki and other “it get’s cooked in front of you” dishes, I haven’t really seen until now a hot plate kind (which, again, more reminds me of korean cuisine).

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  1. The reason it’s Japanese, because the first store originates from Japan, and developed the iron dish in japan as well 🙂 Hope that helps!

    • Oh alright. That does help understanding why it’s a “japanese” restaurant. Because I’ve only seen this kind of hot plate/pot kind of food in korean or korean/japanese restaurants.

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