Year’s End

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Year's End

The curtain slowly falls as another act comes to end. In this intermission, one get’s to think of that which has just taken place in front of him. To asses the mistakes of the previous year to know what to do better in the new one. To see what went well so he knows how to repeat the strategy.

It’s been, overall, a good year (not only for eating). So let’s see some random set of facts:

There has been a nice amount of traveling (UK, Romania, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore): 7 countries in total! From the 4 last year. Quite the improvement.

Number of people I want to murder: certainly more people than last year. However, I did save a human-killing spider yesterday so I think my problems will be slowly solved. One good deed at a time.

Number of people murdered: 0 (such a good boy I am).

Worst moment of the year: Getting to the airport to board my flight to USA (where I would transit to Mexico) and being told that I need a visa to transit. Stress ensued. Lots. Visual imaginations of how I now need to change all my plans for next two weeks. All got sorted out (not with visa). God bless.

Best moment of the year: This is a bit difficult. Not because I didn’t have a few amazing moments, but because I can’t think of one that stands out from the others. So I’ll just mention a few: Anca staying with me in London for a few weeks, arriving in the alcohol department of a Mexican supermarket, monkeys trying to steal from a woman in Batu Caves.

Most disappointing moment: The World DIDNT end. I will never forgive you, world.

I also managed to tick some things off my “New Year Resolutions” from last year, such as becoming sexier (I am quite proud of my body lately). I have saved a lot of money (a lot of money by Romanian standards). I have lost a family member. I had a relationship (of sorts). And I met some incredible people, some friends, some lovers, and through all the heartbreak and pain (that I will deny I ever felt till the day I die), I’ve become more… perfect. Hah. I mean I have evolved.

But that is the whole point of pain. One rarely grows because of happiness, because happiness does not force you to think, to become wiser, to understand. Happiness is not there to be dissected. It is to be enjoyed. Whereas pain and sadness force you to think, to meditate, because that is the only way to overcome it. Sure, most humans just love to bathe in self-pity. Well, let me tell you something: self-pity smells. And no one likes smelly people on the tram of life. So go wash properly.

My book has 74 pages! Sure, I was supposed to finish it this year. Sigh. Will it do if I promise to finish it this one? I must. Eventually.

Most of all, very proud of my blog. Such a good blog, yes.

I think that’s about it. I have to get ready for my shift and then for all the free booze I will get at the bar! See everyone in the new year (unless I send ninja to dispatch of you so I am rid of your face).

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