Annual Food Review

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Annual Food Review

As the year grows tired and is ready to let someone else take his job, then retire and live in the Bahamas for a bit, I am quite sure many people wish to recollect on their past seasons. The defeats, the successes, the lovers, or lack thereof. For someone as obsessed with food as myself, I will undoubtedly recollect on all that I managed to put in my stomach.

It has been a great year for eating, that it has indeed. Expensive, cheap, good, bad, strange food, all of it has been devoured by the bottomless pit that is my stomach. And still, I have such a subtle silhouette. “How do you do it?”, I hear rows of women asking me. Begging for my secrets. Not today, ladies, not today.

I have decided to give a sort of awards, just like the Oscars, but more fabulous. Let’s hear the trumpets! (And yes I will just recycle pictures from my original reviews).

Nobel Prize for Culinary Peace – Best Food Award

Wagyu Tartar Crispy Soy Sheet

Now, I am a great activist for the idea that good food can be cheap (or moderately priced) food. However, this year’s Best Food Award will be given to Nobu (Melbourne), which has now officially become the first Grade A- Restaurant on my blog (yes, I’ve started grading them. Who needs Michelin stars when you can get grade from me, right?)

Just to do a short recap of what this awards looked at, it was not only the service (which was near impeccable) but also at the great taste of the food: the fresh produce, the various flavours that melted together in a harmonious way and the clean, sharp presentation of the food. Now, truly, this might be slightly more difficult when you try to offer a good price to the customers (the bill for this restaurant was indeed quite big – God bless I didn’t pay it), as you try to buy the best produce for cooking and also go for the rather more expensive goods at times. A big applause for the restaurant.

Nobu on Urbanspoon

The Golden Raspberry – Worst Food Award

Lime and coconut cured fish

Off course we are going to have an award for shit restaurants as well! Truly, there probably is some more hideous food if I go try to eat at some dodgy horrible place somewhere in the outer suburbs of the city. Or maybe there isn’t.

The Golden Raspberry is won by another Melbourne restaurant, The Rice Queen. How it has fallen from it’s glorious seat as a great restaurant of Fitzroy (or so I have been told). The food, overpriced clearly for the heap of cheap herbs that it is, was playful in my try to take out all the bad bits and find something edible. Quite the treasure hunt!

Really tho, it just has too many conflicting flavours and at time just felt as if I was grazing together with the cows on some polluted field on the margins of a Chinese industrial city. Poor cows.

Rice Queen Oriental Diner and Bar on Urbanspoon

Entertainment Weekly – Great Experience Awards


Science! This awards is won this year by SCIENCE! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am referring to the eating of grass flavored ice-cream prepared on the spot. And when I say on the spot, I am right then. That second. Not that he just goes and gives you an ice-cream frozen stiff for centuries.

Chin-Chin Laboratories (London)(yes, I know, it means penis in Japanese) are just not very patient, like me, so they wont wait till the ice-creams just ices itself in a natural way. They bomb it with Nitrogen! It’s actually quite entertaining to see all that white “smoke” everywhere. Thrilling. Science prevailing! The flavours seem wacky too, but are quite tasty – which you can top with syrup or other stuff. Memory not so good. Give it a try.

Chin Chin Laboratorists on Urbanspoon

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I think 3 awards are more than enough!

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