Spilling Miso on Myself

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Spilling Miso

The summer continues with it’s lazy routine, more and more resembling a panda: I get up late (because I go to bed late), I gym, I eat, I go to bed. I apply to internships. Ok, maybe not quite like a panda. Certainly, life cannot always be a roller coaster. So I might as well get cozy with my new schedule.

Where did all the Miso go?

My initial plan was to treat myself to some great little Japanese food at my newest favorite place, Aka Siro. Gods were unwilling, and the place seemed to be closed on Mondays. As tempted as I was to just go gym without eating (the cheapskate in me…), I told myself that I might as well grab some cheap Japanese food.

Now, I want to make it clear that Kaneda Sushi (Mid City Arcade, 200 Bourke Street) is not a place I would go for the culinary perfection that I expect from food. Sure, the place has a 94% approval rate on Urbanspoon, but again, I do not recommend it for the taste.

What I do recommend it for is the sheer cheapness. I often see so many reviews of amazing restaurants and amazing food, and then I look up the place and I see the prices; well, I won’t be willing to go to a place that has a menu of 50$! I’m a poor student, from Eastern Europe. Truth be told, blogging review tend to be too much about that. How about some blogging for us poor people?

The place has set menu’s for about 12$, but… BUT! If you go between 3PM-5:30PM all the sets are reduced and many of them are for just 9.80$. including a drink! Now that is cheap. And off course, it’s not just shit cheap food. It’s alright cheap food (the sashimi didn’t look quite trustworthy enough, yet as I am quite the adventurer I had to try it. Not all that great)

The boxYou will notice there aren’t many pictures. That is because as soon as I got my Miso Soup and I rushed for the phone to take pictures and start feasting, I managed to spill most of the bowl in my lap. Sure, it was hot, sure, it burned, but I didn’t jump, nor did I make any noise. What would have been the point? That and jumping would have probably gotten it all over the place. So as it was churning my jewels I just grabbed some napkins, very slow and elegantly, and started wiping.

So yes, I think that be a very philosophical point. “To spill Miso on oneself”. To just go on about with your day without letting bad stuff become an excuse or without making a big deal out of it (I did go to the gym with Miso stained pants. Hah!). And there was this really funny moment when some girls sitting next to me where ordering, and one of the wanted the Chicken bento and seaweed salad. So the waiter (who did not necessarily fluently speak English) confirms with her “Chicken salad?”, obviously trying to say “Chicken, salad”. This prompted a uselessly long discussion of how she wants seaweed salad and not chicken salad, the waiter trying to explain that yes that’s what he understood.

Still no full-time job. Eternally searching.

Grade: C (S0-So)

Kaneda Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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