Graffiti and potatoes

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Someone had a bit too much Regina & the Diamonds

In very many regards, Fitzroy reminds me of Camden. The same atmosphere, very similar architecture. Yet it is quite certain that Fitzroy is much more plagued by graffiti than any London area I’ve seen. Some are nice, some are just strange. Some just don’t have skill.


What do we have here?

On the matter of graffiti, I find it acceptable and even pleasant if it is quality graffiti (so none of that wanna-be gangster writing crap). I think it has the power to revitalize communities that do not otherwise have the money to repaint their buildings (which can be very expensive) but also to give character. It is, nonetheless, a form of art (when it’s not crap).


Tongue tikki totem

Someone called my blog stupid (which hurt a bit – less because of the allegation, I do so many stuff that is completely stupid, and more from the fact that I didn’t expect it coming from that person). Alas, it seems I have failed in gaining unanimous approval of my existence. Despite this, I would not try to make my blog more intelligent. It is my child, but one must learn to love his child, whether stupid or not. Whether gay or straight. Such deep philosophy I can now delve into after this “blog is my child” idea.

Toilet face?

Mr Frog

This being said, I do want to say that I am quite proud of my parents in regards to the whole “love your child no matter how he is”. Specifically, when I came out they took it pretty well, even though I’m quite sure it was (and is) very difficult for them to fully understand me being gay (living through the Communist period in Eastern Europe might do that to you). All in all, I knew that’s how they would react. They are the kind of people that do everything for their children.

Yummy potato!

Enough with the mushy stuff! It’s Potato Time! I definitely love baked potatoes, so it shouldn’t be a wonder that I love the Spudbar (368 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy). Basically what happens here is they have all sorts of different menus (tho I am quite sure you can just tell them what stuff you want on your little piece of baked heaven), and they will cover those delicious little babies with bolognese, cabbage, spring onions, sour cream, bacon! Honestly, it is very filling and quite delicious. For only about 10$. Now I’m getting hungry and feel the need to go buy some. Hmmm.

Oh the goodness

Stupid blog, out!

Grade: B
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