Rice Queen

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Rice Queen

As strange as it is for it to be Summer in December (and I have to keep reminding myself Christmas is in about two weeks – very difficult when there’s no snow but 39 degrees Celsius outside), I needed a place to rendezvous with Sharmila before she left Australia (sad face); we (I) wanted a place that combined food with cocktails and it seemed as if this one had quite good reviews…


Rice Queen (389 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy) seemed to have quite good reviews on 4Square and some on the internet, but alas, it would seem that after it moved from Smith Street it has supposedly lost its charm. I have been wondering how come I always write good reviews. Finally, it’s time to change that.

Karate Kid Cocktail

The place looks nice, I’ll give you that. And the food also sounded scrumptious when read on the menu. It kinda stops there. The music volume seems to fluctuate at it’s own will. Now it’s fine, the next moment you can barely hear the person you’re sitting with. This wouldn’t even be the biggest problems. And the cocktail itself was fine (just fine, nothing great). The problem is the food.

Lime and coconut cured fish

Overall, my problem with the food is that it combined flavors that were not only overpowering but that seemed to have a little contest as to who would be manage to be so pungent it could make my taste buds go into suicide mode. Either dishes barely had any meaty taste (or fishy), which could be a problem when they do contain it. Instead, there was always a strong taste of some kind of herb, and not a very good one either.

Chargrilled beef in butter lettuce

It’s also quite expensive. One dish is about 10$, price for which you can just go across the street to the Spud Bar and get a filling potato with all sorts of added goodness. Ultimately, place was a letdown. A sad kind of letdown, because all that I’ve read before as well as the interior really got my hopes up.

Luckily enough, the company was good. A good gossip session always brightens me up. I am still looking for a full-time job, but on the bright side, I have booked tickets for Japan and Vietnam! Hurrah! And other various things seem to be going for me at the moment.

Grade: Inferno

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