Hot Pot Time!

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Hot Pot Time

Tho the picture might look omnious, it was just my camera just not being amazing enough to take pictures in the dark. I promise the food pics are absolutely fine and delicious, as was the taste as well. Haven’t had hot pot in a while.

Red Daniel, what a great pirate/ninja name!

We went to this place in Prahran, called Haruaki (145 Chapel Street), because apparently Daniel likes it. Crawling after my last acrobatics class of the year (Acrobatics, not aerobics as some people insist on hearing when I tell them) – not so much because of being sad but more because my legs have just become a lump of bones and flesh – we get there quite fast, god bless. The place looked a bit empty – just how I like them. More space for me!

There's an egg inside there

I haven’t had hot pot in a while – basically for the people that haven’t had it before, it’s a Korean dish in which, obviously, the pot is really hot so the food keeps cooking itself in. Generally has meat, rice and veggies. Mine was spicy pork Binimbab! Spicy – how I like my food and men. As long as it doesn’t have kimchi I’m good. Prices are good too (about 12$ for a pot I think).

PS: Do not touch the dish. It’s hot. It hurts.
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