Cutest Japanese Restaurant

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One night, when I was going down Peel street after work (yes, I admit, I was being dragged to the gay bar by some friends), I saw a little place that looked asian as I passed it by. Mental note to check it out one day, time just flew by. But here it is, and it is just the most adorable tasty little Japanese restaurant in Melbourne…

A classical entrance

Menu and side dish menu

As soon as you enter you are greeted warmly, which is not unusual for Asian restaurants, especially the Japanese ones, but you can feel there is a slight difference between Akashiro (106 Cambridge Street, Collingwood, Melbourne) to other such restaurant. The place itself is warmer, very well staffed (there were I think 4 staff even though the restaurant is itself quite small). Oh and everything in the menu is written in pounds (they probably meant dollars) which just made my day.

I see them alcohols

Dried oranges

Some light reading

So I ordered some Buta-kakuni Teishoku (pork belly!) and some Iced Oolong Tea for a total of 23$ (yes, it’s not the cheapest place), then waited for the order to come as I read my little book about, well, sex. But it’s the intelligent kind of book about sex. As I stood there waiting, I could hear them speaking in Japanese… and I understood! It was such a “cry, cry” moment.

Miso soup!

The grand feast

I love pork belly

Lately I really love Miso soup. Like with many Japanese cuisine, at first I wasn’t a very big fan (same with sushi and umeboshi). But now! Oh now I need it! Bought some instant miso soup to make at home. Not bad, but can’t quite compare to restaurant one.

Then I seem to have regressed to my obsession with pork belly (remembers trip to Malaysia and Singapore). This one was done quite nicely, in a sauce of soy and sake, a bit sweet, not too fatty, with some daikons alongside and off course also with a dish of cabbage and rice.

I cannot wait to come back here!

Grade: B+

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