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I hope you all liked all the poof-love of last week, but it’s time we delve into deeper, darker forest tonight…

El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan’s Labyrinth) is, I think, my favorite movie of ALL TIME. Now, I would personally expect the movie to be quite well known (as directore Guillermo del Torro became quite renowned lately), but it might still not have been watched due to the fact that human kind needs a push in the right direction to start going.

El Laberinto is quite dark – more so than his newest, more commercial movies – and it has his general take on movies (very similar to El Orfanato), in which he tries (successfully) to continuously make the viewer question whether what is happening is really supernatural or just delusions of a sick mind. I obviously choose to see everything as mystical and magical.

As per usual, this review is ambiguous and doesn’t really tell you anything. The movie did win plenty awards, and if you don’t mind a bit of gore, a bit of guts, a bit of scare, and some more radicals in this movie, it is more than worth it for the strong performance of the cast and for the very magical feeling that it plants inside of you.

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