The Burlesque Bar

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As many of you should know, I have started another interesting sub-chapter of my life: working over the summer holidays in a burlesque bar! Be ready for some razzle-dazzle, naked women (hopefully men too someday) and just a merry old time…

Whilst The 86 (185 Smith Street, Melbourne) reminds me of the movie Burlesque (on a smaller scale, off course), I fear I am not quite Cam Gigandet yet. One day, for sure! The place was a bit empty at first (probably because Melbourne finally has nice weather and everyone was in the sun) but it slowly and steadily got filled with people busting their grooves and enjoying one of the many delicious cocktails.

The bar is a bit fancy and quite cheap in the same time (cheap in the good way, not cheap in the “you can buy me a shot of vodka and then take me home and have me” kind). If you come before 10PM there’s all sorts of offers, like Margaritas for 5$ and the such. You also get to enjoy a great little show:

Like what you see? Want to let that sexual beast out of you without being called a whore the next day? Come to The 86, we’ll make your dreams come true (also if you are a hot muscly guy, you may also get my phone number).

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