A Japanese delight

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Plans changed quite fast for me this weekend – from wanting to go to the Spanish siesta, to wanting to go to the “Taste of Melbourne”, eventually deciding I  just want japanese food but alas, no one seemed keen on going out.

Perhaps it’s the deception of not getting the internship in Tokyo, or maybe just my innate obsession with Tokyo – but here I was again, in a Japanese restaurant. Nobu (Crown Complex, 8 Whiteman St, Melbourne) is famed to be among the most renowned Japanese restaurants in the world (according to google).

The food was indeed scrumptious (as were my tight white shorts from United Colours of Benetton. Shirt from Nigel Hall if you really want to know); the service – which was also quite nice, as they kept changing our plates after every set of Tapas, issued a discussion between me and Andy about going to the dodgy cheap places, where the salt of the earth is. The real people.

It is undoubtedly a very nice place, and the food is delicious (though pricey), however, I was very let down by the fact that they didn’t have Calpico. The waitress didnt even know what it was. Then all this deception of no Calpico just made me want Calpico like nothing else! I was craving…

Luckily Andy was indulgent enough and we went and found Calpico. It was a dream come true.

Nobu is a great experience, a real delight indeed. The food is tasty, the presentation is clean yet imaginative, the service (except for the lack of Calpico) was also spot on (and except for the waiter not noticing Andy is left handed). Twas good. I approve.

Now I have returned to my lair in Clayton, awaiting for replies regarding houses and such so I can hopefully move out soon. Also not doing much with my life. Alas…

Grade: A- (Let’s put some yummy in my tummy)

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