How Fitness ruined my life

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You always see ads inspiring you to go to the gym, convincing you to get off the couch you have nested in and to get the body you would like to have. But it’s not all daisies and butterflies once you start on the path of Fitness…

This post will be dedicated to show you all the perverse effects of fitness. I mean sure, you get an amazing body, but is it worth it?

1. Pain

At the gym itself, you will suffer. Just go in for a bit and hear all the moaning that’s happening there. You’d think at first that it’s some sort of House of Pleasure. Nope. It’s pure suffering and pain (at the very least if you’re a guy and do weight lifting).
It doesn’t stop there. The next day, you muscles ache and feel sore – which they are supposed to otherwise you’re not going a very good job in the gym. Right now, after my Acrobatics course yesterday, my but-cheeks hurt like hell. And my sides. And my abs.

2. Food

I am one of those kind of persons that could go on for days without eating. When you’re a student and want to save money, that’s great. But… when you start fitness, you know it’s not only about working out. It’s about eating, and eating a lot in my case. So now, not only do I spend money on food, but I need to constantly remind myself to eat and find time for eating. Such a drag.

Then there’s all those supplement things. Like protein shakes. I absolutely hate how they taste (it’s been getting a bit better tho as I find new ways of making them). Oh and it’s not just that. I take “Flax Seeds Oil” everyday. Sure, this makes sure I have healthy veins and everything. But I just hate it.

And I am constantly on websites measuring calories (because I need to eat a minimum). Not only that, but I’ve started to lose the normal appetite I had for junk food or sweets 🙁

3. Sleep

Gone are the days when I could casually have an all-nighter just cause I wanted. Sleep is an essential part of growing muscles so whenever I decide “oh let’s just watch movies all night” a little voice pops out telling me how I have to sleep to grow muscles. Luckily I do love sleep.

4. No way back

Unfortunately, getting a great bod is not something that once attained, remained like that. Nope. Your diet remains. The workout need to keep being worked out, or you muscles start turning into mush. Seriously.

And that is the end of my rant. Being a healthy fit person sure is a lot of work, isn’t it?

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