Rural Australia (Mildura)

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In the corner of the state Victoria,  surrounded by grape vines, orange trees and cheap-but-secretly-rotten avocados for sale, lays Mildura, a quaint little city that I have unanimously decided to just call it “rural Australia”. Truth be told, it’s not very urban.

Together with other “city folk”, we came here (7h drive from Melbourne) to teach them kiddies about debating and all the sort. It was a great opportunity for me to get to see random parts of Australia that I would otherwise probably never get to, and there was money involved as well so how could I possibly say no?

The road to this corner of the state (literally) was filled with the occasional dead kangaroo – much more exotic than the dead dogs you see back home. More or less a straight forward road, passing through the occasional other tiny village-cities; one of which called Loddon. It also seems that here everyone (needs to) wears seatbelts even in the back seat! Ludicrous!

The sun blazing, the locals nowhere to be found – well that’s a lie. There were a few. But places like this tend to seem awfully deserted.

After doing a bit of training, we headed to the Mildura Brewery for some well deserved dinner. The place looked quite classy to be honest, and the food menu looked absolutely delicious. You all know how much I love food (I’m getting hungry just by thinking of it)!

A short note: you might have noticed the pictures aren’t the usual amazing quality found on my blog. Well, I obviously forgot to take my camera with me. Or all the food I had bought for the trip.

Yet that did not stop me from enjoying one of the exquisite local brews, chocolate tasting beer, and a great Grilled Sirloin with hand cut chips, garlic butter and a tomato & basil salad (which also had cucumber). It all smelled and tasted great, my steak was medium rare, the garlic butter got spread all over the place… mmmmm!

The night just started there, and continued to a short cross-over the state line thus visiting New South Wales! Where we saw a pharaoh. The things people do to attract tourists. The following day was just some debates (if I ever have to listen to a topic about the Olympics again in my life I will puke on the inside), and then another lovely 7h drive back to the city.

Some stuff happened on the road, as adventure is never too far behind, including crashing (sort of) a hen party! When we managed to somehow create a chain reaction of happiness by simply sending a cocktail to the bride (credits to Rishada).

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