This is Halloween!

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Come little children, I’ll take thee away, into a land of enchantment,

Come little children, it’s time to play, in my garden of shadows.

For all those that remember those lyrics, they come from a movie called Hocus Pocus, which I dearly loved when I was a child. So here’s a post for all the ugly ghouls, the misunderstood witches and even for Oogie Boogie himself!

Another great movie! Screeeeeeeeeeeeeam!

At one point I had promised myself that I will always make a great celebration out of all holidays. Well, due to the fact that I live in far-away Australia for the year I might not be able to keep that promise fully. But at least I am trying! With sweets. And costumes:

Anyone dare guess who I’m trying to be?

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    • They’re the Halloween edition from cadbury.

      Oh, similar, but not quite the guy from 300 🙂 definitely don’t have the abs for that haha

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