How not to prepare for exams (TV series)

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As Melbourne weather increasingly gets warmer and sunnier, I still find myself quite glued to the TV (Well, laptop). As usual, I would say; so these are the series that delight my days (and nights) and help me procrastinate instead of actually studying for my Human Rights Exam which is on the 7th of November.

Fringe is an absolutely delightful SF series that is now at its final series. It follows the mishaps of the Fringe division, a special FBI group that deals with supernatural events. Won’t say much more so I won’t spoiler, but all the characters are excellently written and excellently played, and the script contains very many twists and turns. It’s a very high recommendation on my part, really excellent series.

Finally a spy-series! Hunted, a british series, follows the story of Byzantium, a private sector firm that deals with information trading (basically spies). You can expect plenty of good combat and stealth activity, some sex and all of those good things. Ok, I lied, it’s not the story of Byzantium that is the main focus but the protagonist played by Melissa George. Still quite good.

I do love my legal drama. From Boston Legal to Suits, I just can’t stop watching them even though I study law and should supposedly have enough of it. The Good Wife is, in broad terms, just like any other legal drama. However, I think that it studies the characters lives in much more depth and is as such a much more complex series that a legal drama. The cases are also quite modern and very many of them discuss technology for all you tech geeks.

At first I saw the poster and read the synopsis and was like “This shit seems crap” so I didnt really watch it. But then I did give it a try, and I must say I got hooked quite fast. Revenge is a sort of more intelligent, better planned and darker Gossip Girl, and it’s been keeping me interested up until now.

I would watch this series even only for Stephen Amell’s abs. God when he gets naked the thoughts that run through my mind. But otherwise I think Arrow is (up until now) one of the few superhero series that does not fail. I remember how hopeful I was of The Cape and how big of a let down it was. But this show shows no mercy! Good fights, good acting, not enough naked scenes, but it can improve on that one.

I think these five series should be enough for now. Can’t waste anymore time as I need to watch the Good Wife. Tchuu~~

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